Dr.Jorge Agudelo

Títulos universitarios


1985  Doctor of Dental Medicine, Universidad de Antioquía

1998  Doctor of Dental Medicine, Universidad de Granada

2001  Master of Implantology and Dental Rehabilitation, New York University

2011   Master in Neural Therapy and Focal Dentistry, University of Barcelona

2013   Orthognatic Surgery, Univeritat Internacional de Catalunya


Experiencia profesional


Principal Clinical and Service Responsibilities:

1985-1987         Part-time pubic practice of Dentistry, Hospital Antioquia

1987-1989         Full-time public practice of Dentistry, Hospital Frontino

1989-1996         Full-time private practice of Dentistry, Medellín

1996-2001         Part-time private practice of General Dentistry, New York

2001-2005         Full-time private practice of General Dentistry, Tenerife Canary   Islands

2005-present     Full-time private practice Periodontology, Implantology, Oral Rehabilitation and Esthetic Dental, Barcelona

Since 2005: Lecturer in different Universities and Dental Schools in:

  • Dental Esthetic
  • Oral Surgery
  • Iatrogenia in Dentistry (dental errors correction)
  • Periodoncy


Project Researches:

  • Healthy Patient Program
  • Dental Malpracticing  


Seguimiento de los tratamientos